Spec Builders



House Guide Realty completely understands the process of Spec Building , From finding the raw land in the right location, negotiating a great purchase price. We also like to be part of the process from architect design to picking out finishes and fixtures to make sure you don't go overboard with finishes regarding the location you decided to build and also not going to cheap for a high end location. If you buy right, spec it out right in the end you will simplify and make selling your spec home a fast and simple process. Make sure to contact House Guide Realty.    

Rehab Investors 



House Guide Realty knows how important current and correct information provided to the investor by the Broker/Realtor will play a important role in a Rehabber being successful at picking the right property to rehab. House Guide Realty will provide you with excellent comps, vital information about neighborhood in which the property is located, along with current up to date market conditions. House Guide Realty will also go over in detail about features, fixtures other finishes that recent sold homes had in the area.