Buying With House Guide Realty

Our services is absolutely Free to Buyers! If you are buying a preexisting home are from a New Home Builder, House Guide Realty will give you 1.5% Buyer Rebate when we represent you as your Buyer Agent. So experience why House Guide Realty is Absolutely better way to buy a home then you traditional Brokerage.   


List of New Home Builders Houston House Guide will give you 1.5% rebate when we represent you as your Buyer Agent


* If you don't see the home builder you are wanting to use just contact us we will work with any new home builders!

*If you would like to know which Home Builders are in your desired area please contact us below and we will send you list of Home Builders and their specs and price list !

How to get your Rebate

Ready to buy a home? You will want an experienced agent working on your side, guiding you through the home buying process. As experienced buyer's agents, we know just how complicated and intimidating buying a home can be! Our Buyer Rebate program provides you with full service representation and includes everything you would and should expect from experienced professional. We'll be there every step of the way to ensure your home purchase is smooth and stress free!

When you use Houston House Guide Team as your Buyer's Agent we will refund 1.5% of the commission we earn in the transaction (typically 3% of the purchase price.) The commission is being paid to us buy the seller, through their the Listing Broker. Most importantly, This refund is tax free to you!

Your Potential Rebate Chart




How a Typical Home Sales Works

  1. Seller lists their property with a Realtor (this Realtor is known as the Seller's-Agent, or Listing Broker).
  2. Usually, a different Realtor (this Realtor is know as the Buyer's-Agent or Selling Broker), brings a buyer-client to purchase the house.
  3. For bringing this buyer client to the Seller, the Buyer's-Agent earns 3% of the purchase price, which is being paid by the Seller.
  4. You, as the Buyer receive NOTHING (no cash back at closing).

Example of How Our 1.5% Buyer Rebate Works

  • Sales Price of House $300,000 x 6% Commission = $18,000 total commission paid by Seller to Listing Broker
  • Listing Broker pays 1/2 of this commission to Buyer's-Agent: $18,000 divide by 2 = $9,000 to Buyer's Agent.
  • Buyer-Agent, Houston House Guide earns $9,000 commission. We then spit that $9,000 commission with you, our Buyer-Client.
  • You, our Buyer-Client, receive $4,500 cash back at the closing table.

It is that simple; when you use Houston House Guide Team as your Buyer-Agent you will receive cash back at closing!!